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Prospective customer/user intending to avail of services/products made available by www.vihaanapparels.com (hereinafter referred to as “portal”), a comparison shopping solution portal, shall be subject to implicit/explicit acceptance of terms and conditions prescribed by this portal. It is strictly made hereby known to all the users/customers that entering into any transaction through this portal shall be considered as acceptance of terms and conditions prescribed herein in its true letter and spirit.   

This portal appeals to all the Users/customers to read the document containing terms and conditions prescribed herein carefully before arriving at any just conclusion or making any deal.

This portal is owned and managed by Vihaan Apparels PVT LTD, Faridabad. Users/customers may please note that information made available by this portal can be used for general information only and in case any damage/loss is caused to the user/customer then in such circumstances this portal or its owner or manager or any person designated by it for the purpose shall not be held liable in this regard as the contents of the portal do not constitute advice.  

www.vihaanapparels.com shall accept no responsibility/accountability whatsoever for content and accuracy of materials found, if any, on this portal having being generated and/or attached by the users/customers.

As a matter of fact, users/customers may find sites attached to our portal but the content of the same shall in no way hold this portal responsible/accountable if any users/customers happen to use/availing use of  those linked sites because this portal do not endorse the products/services of those linked sites. Using/availing use of those linked sites with this portal shall be entirely at the risk and cost of the user/customer themselves.  

The details of any product or product specification viz. colour, size, weight and other such details containing quotations etc are only fairly accurate values and product or product specification may find slight variation in the pictures displayed and the respective actual products.

For no special, subsidiary, indirect, consequential or other damages caused by loss of data including damage under any circumstances whatsoever resulting from the use of/availing products/services offered by this portal shall this portal or for that matter any body else appointed for or in connection with the said purpose be held liable. Damages only up to maximum amount invested/spent can be claimed by the user/customer for any transaction entered into with this portal. 

For the purpose of updating our user/customer with relevant and latest information and material, this portal, may, from time to time make changes in the list of products or services made available/provided by this portal. Quotation of prices and availability of items displayed on this portal are for internet orders only and the same may undergo change without any prior notice. Quotation of prices displayed on the portal may not be indicative of the actual selling prices in any particular area. The portal reserves the right to limit sales, including the right to prohibit sales to re-sellers and it shall not be held liable for any typographical or photographic errors/shortcomings. 

Without prejudice to the meaning, significance and effect of the terms and conditions found on the portal, refund or payment made to the user/customer or person authorized by them by this portal shall not be considered as waiver of any of the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties. It is, however, hereby made clear that such waiver shall not be considered and followed as precedent for similar actions/claims in future or confer any rights on the applicants. All such refunds or payments shall be subject to a deduction of on account of Bank charges (As Applicable) and other processing overheads.

Limitation of Liability:
This portal would not entertain any claim of the user/customer for damages in excess of the fee paid by the user/customer which can be claimed within the six months period from the date when right to claim arises and not thereafter in respect of transaction done through or in connection with the use of this portal including damages for loss of profits, any data, accuracy of results or computer failure or its malfunction or goodwill, etc.

The owner of this portal may terminate any of the existing agreement with the user/customer for any convincing reason including improper use of this portal or any failure on the part of such user in complying with the terms and conditions as agreed upon between/amongst the user/customer and this portal. Terms and conditions incorporated herein for the purposes of transaction may also be changed depending on requirement in the facts and circumstances of the transaction. However, it is hereby made clear that such termination shall not prejudice the rights of the aggrieved to seek legal remedy under appropriate law. It is hereby known to all concerned that upon the termination of agreement entered into through this portal within the meaning and effect of agreed terms and conditions shall be considered as termination of the existing contractual relationship for all purposes from the date of termination. It is evident that termination can be made or given effect to only in the circumstances and within the legally recognized factors.

Person authorized by this portal may be contacted by the user/customer for obtaining any clarification on information and a written clarification from such authorized person is a must before availing/using services/products and for making this portal liable in warranted cases.
On any user/customer entering into transaction with this portal, it shall be considered that they have read and understood and accordingly unconditionally agreed and approved the applicable terms and conditions, procedures, risks and consequences of using the products/services at www.vihaanapparels.com and ignorance in this regard shall not be entertained as it being inconsequential. Any dispute arising out of transaction done within the meaning and effect of the above said terms, condition and procedures shall be adjudicated only within the jurisdiction of courts at Haryana in India.